2023 Tea Advent Calendar – Day One

2023 Tea Advent Calendar – Day One

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Happy Holidays! Now that I’m back from vacation, it’s time to dive into the holidays, and I think the best way to do that and destress (because December is crazy for my family, all 3 birthdays), is to drink tea!

Okay, yeah, I am always drinking tea, but thanks to one of my very best of friends, Chris, we’re doing an Advent Calendar… and I went big—because, yes, I’m a tea snob, I have a problem, I own and admit it, and no, I’m not working on it 😀

Since I missed the first 4 days due to vacation, I’m drinking tea in the morning and tea in the evening…

Tea in life… so that’s not unusual.

1 – Himalayan Green Tea (from Vahdam Teas) – “From the misty slopes of the Himalayas, these pure Green teas are smooth, sweet, and succulent.”

Ingredients: Pure Green Tea

My thoughts: Yum. I love green teas and this does not disappoint. It does have a smooth succulent flavor of pure green, although I didn’t find it “sweet” as the description indicates… but that’s okay because I don’t like most “sweet” teas.

What I love so far is that it contains enough for about 8 cups of tea, the tea is good enough that you can rebrew once and it isn’t too weak, and it started with actual tea.

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