Promise Kept

Promise kept
A single stem lay in my palm,
The bloom vibrant in this unsettling calm.
Storms begin to brew.
Determination drives my will
To pluck apart these petals few.
My tribute to you at last.
For you, these petals lay upon the sand,
Waiting for the water to rinse the shores of land.
Footsteps echo from the past.
Slowly each petal flows out to sea;
Each taking with it a part of me.
Lightening flashes in the sky.
Electric currents pull me to
Water’s edge and remind of you;
Your will as strong as thunder.
As the last petal to the horizon rides,
Upon waves that come in with the tides,
I free your soul again.
Laughter dances in memory’s air,
As the petals finally disappear.
And with them the ache lessens.
Promises kept, and so you see,
I have kept within the better part of me
My favorite parts of you.
– a draft

Oh the Purple Hues of Sunset… – (2008)

Oh but the purple hues of sunset
Bleed tendrils into the midnight sky.
They urge us to dance beneath the stars
Spinning, twirling, just you and I.
Can you hear the drums?
Does the beat of wings
Keep time as your heart thrums…
And as we dance, to a tune of our own
The dust of twilight settles upon
Like glittering diamond, or crystalline snow
Upon a small, delicate frozen pond.
Listen to the sweet song
Of silence in these woods
In a place forgotten long…
Turn to me, and lay a kiss
Along my fevered brow.
Know how much of this I’ll miss
When dawn becomes the now.
Don’t cry as the birds rise
Beg not for more twilight time
For as you know every eve dies
To bring a us something new…
Winter, 2008

Carry the Pack – (2003)

Sometimes the burdens of life seem
A weight on our shoulders;
Like a pack heavy and cumbersome,
It tugs on our very soul.
Hopes bleed into desires,
Unfulfilled wishes and dreams
Out of reach and unattainable.
Sickening fear settles low.
Trembling hands hover as if to
Reach out for that one thing
Just out of grasp. And you wonder…
Where is the hope that will guide you,
Whose desire will inspire you,
When will dreams be realized,
How will wishes materialize?
Rest a while, and just let it be–
Take comfort in what you read.
Sometimes letting go can be
Just the simple hope you need.
Let me carry the pack a while,
Bear the burden, carry the weight.
Relax, rest your shoulders,
Pull the warm mantle of
Friendship around you.
Believe in yourself.
I do..
Friendship is what gets us through.
For now
I’ll carry the pack for you.
For the  (Big) Sister of My Heart

Poetry Flashback: This is my soul (2004)

The purple hues of twilight linger on the horizon,
Reflecting off the ocean of rippling glass.
I feel the energy of the magic moments between
Crackle gently along my skin.
This is the moment where I am the very essence of myself.
This is my soul.
Hues of colour, vibrant purples,
Regal and elegant gold meeting the
Mysterious shades of deep blue where
Apollo’s chariot dives beyond the earth.
I watch a heron glide across the water,
Decorating the horizon with a silhouette
So regal my throat tightens at the sight.
The suns last rays cast an amber glow to my eyes
Offering up to those who have the imagination to see
Past tricks of the light into what is real
What is me.
This is my soul.

Poem – Lament to a Bee

An ode to a bee
Sniffed our deal Callie.
Gentle spirit, good ole friend,
Gone out with Dad fishing again.
Shaken paws and belly rubs.
Days forever filled with Golden love.
Little sis, yet older still,
So much joy our lives she did fill.
Gentle creature, our hearts she did win.
Let your forever begin anew my friend.
3 sept, 2015

Poetry Flashback -I can't watch you lose… (2004)

It stains your soul;
Slowly chips the walls away.
I don’t have the answers,
I can’t watch the price you will pay.
You’ll find so many times in life
That when we fight our inner light
The darkness warps the mind
Leaving us wanting more.
You’re tired, your soul feels weak.
Lash out at life. Push away the needs.
Watch it consume your hope,
See the faith just fade away.
Let is go.
You’ll only add to the pain.
Wounds fester until there is
Nothing left to gain
It bleeds through you.
Taints each time you choose.

I don’t have the answers,
But I can’t watch you loose.
Just let me go, let me sigh.
Don’t let me go alone!
You say, ‘please, have mercy,
Don’t leave me to die.’
I know… we should try
To bring this life to a further test.
Yet no longer can I pass by,
Just let me rest.
It passes through you.
Fades each time you choose.

I don’t have the answers,
But I just can’t watch you loose.

Poetry Flashback: We are weathered in our souls… (2009)

We are weathered in our souls
Lines of experience etched into every corner
As we watch over our loved ones
Carry our spirits along the fate’s path
Within a single moment,
A flash of expression
Can tell a story more profound than
One hundred well written pages of a favorite novel.
We are tempered in our spirits
Adjusted to a life long and fulfilled.
Memories carrying us through
To the other side of possibility.
Here in this life I find
The evidence of a trust so
Deep and full of faith
That I find myself in awe.
Believe in the weathered soul
For there is a lesson in life before you.
Learn from the tempered spirit
For there is a beauty of peace awaiting you.
Trust in yourself,
For there is a world of wonder within you.

Poetry Flashback: 2004 – Second Star to the Right

Second Star to the Right
As a child I dreamed. Visions of places
I might never see, danced just out of reach.
The promise of what might be, took me along a path unseen
Until from sleep I awoke.
I longed to travel. Venture to distant lands
See the distant shores and sands.
I would live among the elves and fae,
Scale mountains and wander Great Plains.
I once wished upon a star hanging low in the sky.
Hoping for an adventure, Upon it
I prayed: Take me away to my dream,
A journey far away to places yet unseen by me.
Forever young I would explore
The ancient wilds of distant shores
Dancing upon the wind of time
I would fly up so very high.
When I awoke and looked about me
The magic trappings of imagination were lost.
Give me the kiss of immortal dreams
I thought. But there was no fairy dust left for me.
Years flew by. Youth fell fast
Finally I was all grown at last.
Still every now and then, I wish once more
Upon a single star as before..
Neverland is gone, you see
And with it the phantom whisper of childish dreams.
That time I find I still do miss
Wrapped up in memories of twilight’s magic kiss.
            I used to dream of Neverland…
Until I found it within my heart.

Poem: Must we be blind…

Must we all be blind to see a soul and not just race?
If I only had my ear and the tips of my fingers
To tell me who you are, what would I find?
Smooth skin, some wrinkles, whiskers.
Would the lips smile as I touched them because
Such a light touch tickles or would I find that the careful
Scrutiny of my touch makes you nervous, so you bite your lip.
If my fingers wander up to your hair line
Would it be soft with youth, coarse with age, or in-between;
Thick and curly, soft and thin, brittle or strong like
A song that sing a story of another kind.
Would there be laugh lines by your eyes and if so, will I feel
Your lashes flutter against my hands as you smile at my
Why must sight have so much more to say in the matter, when
We can just feel with our hearts.
Maybe we should be blind to everything else save for that tactile interaction
We might pity of someone who doesn’t see.
Perhaps we can learn from this.
Respect our cultures and Diversity
Yet be blind to everything pre-conceived, and just learn about the person before us.
Just see the soul.
Galen S. Skye
July 10th, 2016

Poem survey

So, one of the most difficult things about being a poet is trying to decide what poems one should submit to various magazines, contests, etc.
I have it narrowed down to 8, but most places only allow 4… so, current dilemma, do I pick myself, have my husband or a friend pick, or (as I thought this morning) do I set up a blind unpublished survey for my ‘audience’ to pick. This would need to be password protected and non-pubic because today if you publish in a blog it can be argues that it has been previously published *rolls eyes*.
Thoughts, opinions?