Carry the Pack – (2003)

Sometimes the burdens of life seem
A weight on our shoulders;
Like a pack heavy and cumbersome,
It tugs on our very soul.
Hopes bleed into desires,
Unfulfilled wishes and dreams
Out of reach and unattainable.
Sickening fear settles low.
Trembling hands hover as if to
Reach out for that one thing
Just out of grasp. And you wonder…
Where is the hope that will guide you,
Whose desire will inspire you,
When will dreams be realized,
How will wishes materialize?
Rest a while, and just let it be–
Take comfort in what you read.
Sometimes letting go can be
Just the simple hope you need.
Let me carry the pack a while,
Bear the burden, carry the weight.
Relax, rest your shoulders,
Pull the warm mantle of
Friendship around you.
Believe in yourself.
I do..
Friendship is what gets us through.
For now
I’ll carry the pack for you.
For the  (Big) Sister of My Heart