So cold… (2003)

Would that the warmth of my thoughts be strong enough to warm my hands;
The light of a distant lantern flickers across the snow covered fields.
They are desolate in their beauty, and beckon to me…
Oh for a candle that burns so bright
Giving warmth, comfort and light
And as the wind sways the trees
It calls me forth and whispers to me.
And yet,
It is cold outside and I find no comfort
In the bitter winds that make the trees dance
To an unspoken tune. Suddenly, the crack of a limb
Echos like thunder and is falls down to the ground.
The noise so fierce it startles me here
As I sit by the dormant fire.
Wishing for a flame, hope or desire
To unburden my troubles and fears.
And then there’s the creak of the door in the back.
It opens, and the shuffle of feet reaches my ears.
I turn on my stool by that un-burning fire and sigh in frozen relief.

Oh the Purple Hues of Sunset… – (2008)

Oh but the purple hues of sunset
Bleed tendrils into the midnight sky.
They urge us to dance beneath the stars
Spinning, twirling, just you and I.
Can you hear the drums?
Does the beat of wings
Keep time as your heart thrums…
And as we dance, to a tune of our own
The dust of twilight settles upon
Like glittering diamond, or crystalline snow
Upon a small, delicate frozen pond.
Listen to the sweet song
Of silence in these woods
In a place forgotten long…
Turn to me, and lay a kiss
Along my fevered brow.
Know how much of this I’ll miss
When dawn becomes the now.
Don’t cry as the birds rise
Beg not for more twilight time
For as you know every eve dies
To bring a us something new…
Winter, 2008

Poetry Flashback: This is my soul (2004)

The purple hues of twilight linger on the horizon,
Reflecting off the ocean of rippling glass.
I feel the energy of the magic moments between
Crackle gently along my skin.
This is the moment where I am the very essence of myself.
This is my soul.
Hues of colour, vibrant purples,
Regal and elegant gold meeting the
Mysterious shades of deep blue where
Apollo’s chariot dives beyond the earth.
I watch a heron glide across the water,
Decorating the horizon with a silhouette
So regal my throat tightens at the sight.
The suns last rays cast an amber glow to my eyes
Offering up to those who have the imagination to see
Past tricks of the light into what is real
What is me.
This is my soul.

Poem – Lament to a Bee

An ode to a bee
Sniffed our deal Callie.
Gentle spirit, good ole friend,
Gone out with Dad fishing again.
Shaken paws and belly rubs.
Days forever filled with Golden love.
Little sis, yet older still,
So much joy our lives she did fill.
Gentle creature, our hearts she did win.
Let your forever begin anew my friend.
3 sept, 2015