Poem: 1992 – Together, a hope… a dream…

Together, a hope… a dream…
I long to love you
And let you love me.
To have you so close… so near…
To wake up with you beside me
When dawn starts to appear.
The time has come, though,
Where night draws near.
And with the fading shadows
I think of you and my past
Haunts me…
My hope for us runs thin.
I won’t give up that small glimmer
That says we will be together
To share our hopes and dreams again.
I want us to again to weep,
To cry, to rail, and to laugh together.
I wish for this
Because life means nothing
Without love together with
A hope
A Dream…
*excerpt of longer 1989 version, revised 12/1992

Poem: 1992 – An Ancient Hymn

An Ancient Hymn
Waves flood against my soul
Caressing the pounding of my heart
As it beats to an ancient hymn.
I feel myself tumbling gently
Off a cliff
To the depths
Of an ocean I’ve never been to
Or even glimpsed
Falling down
To the soft,
Welcoming ground
It awaits me with open arms
Like those of a gentle breeze
Filtering through the realms
With nature’s sweet music singing.
It barely compared to
The music of my heart.