About Galen

About Galen

On creating biography for websites and blogs…. a mini-essay…

Do you ever wonder how much time the average person spends trying to think up something witty to type in this space? I wonder if some poor cultural sociology student somewhere is getting stuck doing a survey… (I’m a socio-anthropologist…. so I wonder these things.)


I am a writer and poet… and yes, I type that as though the very words are infused with my entire personality… Have you ever met a one of us before? not an Author. No, no… nothing so lofty as that, just a mere writer or the occasional poet… yes, that person….

The one you see dressed nicely, quite well groomed and sitting at a restaurant bar waiting to meet a friend for dinner… and then… inspiration hits… and she starts digging through her purse/handbag/satchel for something to write on… which, she has… only… there’s no pen… anywhere… remarkably we are often lacking in pens… and so five minutes later she has to flag down a poor waitperson and borrow one, promising upon the life of her first, second or third born that she’ll return it to them… only she just HAS TO WRITE SOMETHING DOWN….

The wild panic in the eyes usually helps her get her way and when her friend arrives for dinner moments later, she’s bent over a pad scribbling away. Strands of hair wispy around her face because she’s brushed her hand through it one too many times in the last 20 seconds.

The Friend… being quite used to this behavior, orders a drink and waits with an indulgent smirk on his face…

After all… I am a writer… AND a poet…

10447558_10204443583196456_1041453207750153679_nGalen Skye was born in a small little hamlet in north eastern Georgia near the University of Georgia where her father taught. Raised in the rural south, but with the benefit of a University town near by, Galen grew up reading everything she could get her hands on. Bedtime stories as a child often included books of poetry and classic literature. By the age of 10 she had read over half of Shakespeare’s plays, written her first poem and published it in the school newspaper. By 11 she had co-written several TV scripts with her best friends, 4 short stories and even got to read one allowed as a radio play.

This continued on through high school and college where she studied everything, but never considered writing as a vocation because she was always told ‘you can’t earn money that way’. While somewhat true at times, she continued to write. As an Anthropologist and Researcher, Galen spends a great deal of her time working on non-fiction, however Poetry and Fiction were her first loves, and remain today something she revels in writing.

With over 200 poems written in her ‘stash’ and 3 books in progress, including 2 series, Galen is finally doing this writing thing exclusively (well, as much as she can with a 3 year old.).

This spring Galen will be publishing her first collection of poetry, introducing the world to her growth as a poet by including even some of those really early poems written in her youth.



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