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Crown Praise Poem for Sadb

Crown Praise Poem for Sadb

Coming close hand in hand
I entreat all who are near
                Does Sadb approach smiling:
Be warmed by her smile
Within it is a love and joy
                That can sooth the sea on a stormy day.

As the days go, you will find many things
Given forth by the fierce and courageous Sadb
                Not just cheese, no
But also, wisdom, great interest in her people
Crafts of all kinds, whether food, cloth or knowledge
                All, a bounty from which others can learn.

Here, though, she brings a hint of mischief,
Encouraged and emboldened by friendship
                Witness it, and watch:
See the mirth bloom and join
That of others around her
                Casting fun in her wake.

And beside her, standing proud
Hand folding over her own
                A stalwart champion:
Her heart and love shine through him
As his eyes look upon her and smile
                Criomhthann, embracing her with love.

So, thus before you stands Sadb,
Baroness, sister, and dear friend,
                Presented with humble love
To stand ready and serve the Kingdom
Joyfully, willingly, and companionably
                with her love by her side.

Style: 11th Century Ancient Irish Poetry

Poem – Nine years

Poem – Nine years

Nine years.

Nine years ago, you came into our lives,
Only a tiny squawk (it was cold),
And there you were, tongue sticking out, and
Already a hand on my face.

Nine years of wonder, amusement, and even
Yes, some frustration on both our parts.
Crawling, walking, running (mostly running)
To talking and immediately you began negotiating…
Oh, how much alike we are– How wonderful is that?

Nine years of teaching each other about the world,
Exploring it from new perspectives.
With each inch of that change, you grew until
Today, you amaze me.

Still, I can not seem to understand how time has
Come and gone, both fast and slow.
I revel in it, though.
I embrace the changes and watch you grow each day.
You have come so far, and onward you strive ahead.

Go forth into your next year, my sweet boy.
.With all the wonder and curiosity of the last nine.
Challenge yourself and the world at large to
Be the best you can be, learn everything you are able
And to love, as you always have, with your entire being.

Nine of the best years, my little love, and counting…

Galen. S. Skye
14 December 2022
for MJS

Poem: Being madly, wonderfully in love…

Poem: Being madly, wonderfully in love…

Being madly, wonderfully in love with someone
does not mean that you do not disagree
do not argue, or fight
do not get frustrated and exhausted.
Being incredibly in love with someone
can mean that you fight well, and
make up even better.
That you argue in a way that shows you
both sides and perspectives,
and then both learn from it.

Being completely in love with someone
can mean you trust each other enough to
push and pester, argue and rebut.
It can be a hot spike of irritation, followed
by tears and love and hugs and consideration.

Being madly, wonderfully in love with someone
does not negate all of those emotions, but rather
supports you when you have them, and brings
great conversations sometimes that allow you to
understand someone even better than you did before.

Love, the unconditional, amazing love you can have
with the human you adore the most,
can be amazing even when you are both
grumpy, tired, and snippy.
You are not less of a couple in love because you
are passionate and fight to better your relationship
with your soul mate. 

Being madly, wonderfully in love with someone,
means you are always on the same team on
amazing, fabulous days
and on hard, stressful days.

Being madly, wonderfully in love with them
brings joy, even when you aren’t expecting it,
can fill the room with laughter just moments after
you are embroiled in a heated discussion, and
does not have to look like anyone else’s relationship
and definitely does not have to be rainbows and sunshine
all the time.

Because some loves are deep and fulfilling,
while simultaneously being quiet and contained
and passionate and full of fire.
All these things can live within a love story
and still, mean that you are head over heals
and as madly, wonderfully, completely in love
as anyone else.

And I feel so incredibly blessed to have this with my love.

G. S. Skye, 13 September 2022

Poem – When Love Blossoms

Poem – When Love Blossoms

When love blooms

A blossom, the soft petals opening,
beaconing like the
welcome arms
that enfolded me
in warmth and safety.

His arms, into which I run,
give me such peace
within the chaotic world…


within me.


Poem – 2021 – He brought me a cup of water

Poem – 2021 – He brought me a cup of water

He brought me a cup of water.
It was wet, dripping slightly
Due to a stumble or two when he
Had climbed up two flights of stairs.

A cup of water, unasked for, yet given
Because I had developed a headache
And needed to rest on the bed for a moment.
A sweet, caring gesture from my wonderful child.

A cup of water.
A gift so much beyond what it seemed.
The gift of knowing that my child
Loves so strongly with his kind, caring soul.

He brought me a cup of water
And brightened my world
With it. And then a kiss and
A smile full of love and a hug—

As full as the Cup was when he first filled it–
                                 completed the remedy.

G. S. Skye 2021

Poem – 2021 – Memories Wash Over Me

Poem – 2021 – Memories Wash Over Me

Today, I took a moment and then a few more
To think of you and feel
All the memories wash over me on
The breath of a wish, the sigh of our dreams,
And the knowing that you will always be part of me
In the stories I tell my child,
Drawing pictures for him so he will
Always remember…
Tomorrow and many more days to come
I will both forget and remember
That you aren’t here physically, and I will take a moment—
Then I will talk to you anyway
About our day, and still sharing
As we always did before.
Memory is a blessing, and we carry you with us
Every single day, mei mei,
And I revel in the joy of having had you in my world.

G. S. Skye
11:59 6 July 2021

Poem - Memories Wash Over Me - GalenSkye
Poem – A blush

Poem – A blush

A blush…
Hands glide over silken skin
As eyes touch
With the knowledge of
Ancient souls
Meeting their mate for the
First time.

A kiss…
The slow passion that
Merges one person
With another
Along a tempestuous
Journey of the heart
And mind.

A breath…
Leaving the body
In reminder that
Once the physical
Bonds are broken
So much more
Shall remain…

(27 years old)

Poem - A Blush - by Galen Skye
Poem – Special Moments

Poem – Special Moments

Everyone has his or her special moment.
That few seconds in the midst of life
Causing you to pause.
To Feel.
To Think.

An indefinable moment
Where you close your eyes,
Tilt you head back and listen.
Just listen…

Hearing the quiet whispering
Of something within…

20 December 1999
(27 years old)

 Special Moments by Galen Skye
Poem – Sauntering up quietly

Poem – Sauntering up quietly

How is having something like this
sneaking up on you GOOD?

I certainly didn’t’ expect it.
Are not these things
supposed to slam into you?

Instead, it sauntered up quietly
with a gentle hand
and wrap you carefully in his arms
until you suddenly realized–
Even though you are miles away
you feel like you have come home.
And you still feel the warmth of his embrace.

(25 years old)

Poem – Something Beautiful

Poem – Something Beautiful

Two figures
Nestled together…
One sitting in front of the other.

His knees pulled up.
His arms wrapped around them both.

Behind him, his lover
Leans forward and lanky arms loop
around to hold the elegant human close.

Two figures
Entwined together,
One soul walking in front of the other.

Summer 1997
(24 years old)