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My own true Guenevere charging forward (draft)

My own true Guenevere charging forward (draft)

Growing up we read the fairy tales, and
Dreamt of a lady and lake.
Visions of knights valiant in mail
Charging down a winding path
Excited our imagination
As mists floated at the river’s edge.
Whispers of adventure’s pledge were
So close you could feel it
Swirling around you with poignant destiny.

How does one tell a person
That you admire their very soul?

It is not a dress to say
“Oh how pretty’

Oh, No.

It is not even a deep baritone voice
That trembles throughout your very being
As the notes lift your mood to something manageable,
In times of stress and trial.

Though almost like that.

How do you explain that the words spoken
Open a window to that soul,
Touching something so deep within you?
That you feel as though you have been given
A piece,
Ever so slight –
something to ponder–
Before you hand it back,

And smile.

Years later when time has faded
All the childhood dreams have turned somewhat jaded
You stand tall, vibrant and true,
So much, like in the fairy tales we once knew.

So, again, how do you
Remind them, that, even with a distance long
And time that moves so fast,
That every day you still are inspired.

The answer, I find,
Is simple and complex and true:

Love of family,
Love of Spirit and Soul.
You have stood strong,
Been bent, but not broken,
Determinedly carving your way
To your own personal destiny.

Love fills my heart to each time I see
My own true Guenevere charging forward
Mighty and ethereal, as the Lady,
Mother, Friend, and Priestess
I have always known you to be.

My own true Guenevere charging forward
Poem – Scent is a funny thing…

Poem – Scent is a funny thing…

Scent is a funny thing to me.
It rules my memories
With an iron fist of
Haunting recollections.
The incense burning on my alter
Comforts and protects,
Reminding me of days spent
In the shelter of friendship.
Ancient flavors and smells,
Their temptation soothes and
Wraps around me
Like arms around a well loved Child.
Hookah’s and twirling scarves
Delicate fabric falling from the hands of
Exotic dancers; imagery from a world
Extinct save for in our imaginations.
Scent is a funny thing to me…
It makes memories so much more
Potent and poignant with
The constant reminders.
Both past and present,
As they weave an intricate
Yet invisible blanket around me
Relax me and tuck me in.
GS 2002

Poem - Scent is a funny thing - by Galen Skye
Oh the Purple Hues of Sunset… – (2008)

Oh the Purple Hues of Sunset… – (2008)

Oh but the purple hues of sunset
Bleed tendrils into the midnight sky.
They urge us to dance beneath the stars
Spinning, twirling, just you and I.
Can you hear the drums?
Does the beat of wings
Keep time as your heart thrums…
And as we dance, to a tune of our own
The dust of twilight settles upon
Like glittering diamond, or crystalline snow
Upon a small, delicate frozen pond.
Listen to the sweet song
Of silence in these woods
In a place forgotten long…
Turn to me, and lay a kiss
Along my fevered brow.
Know how much of this I’ll miss
When dawn becomes the now.
Don’t cry as the birds rise
Beg not for more twilight time
For as you know every eve dies
To bring a us something new…
Winter, 2008

Poetry Flashback: This is my soul (2004)

Poetry Flashback: This is my soul (2004)

The purple hues of twilight linger on the horizon,
Reflecting off the ocean of rippling glass.
I feel the energy of the magic moments between
Crackle gently along my skin.
This is the moment where I am the very essence of myself.
This is my soul.
Hues of colour, vibrant purples,
Regal and elegant gold meeting the
Mysterious shades of deep blue where
Apollo’s chariot dives beyond the earth.
I watch a heron glide across the water,
Decorating the horizon with a silhouette
So regal my throat tightens at the sight.
The suns last rays cast an amber glow to my eyes
Offering up to those who have the imagination to see
Past tricks of the light into what is real
What is me.
This is my soul.

Poetry Flashback: 2004 – Second Star to the Right

Poetry Flashback: 2004 – Second Star to the Right

Second Star to the Right
As a child I dreamed. Visions of places
I might never see, danced just out of reach.
The promise of what might be, took me along a path unseen
Until from sleep I awoke.
I longed to travel. Venture to distant lands
See the distant shores and sands.
I would live among the elves and fae,
Scale mountains and wander Great Plains.
I once wished upon a star hanging low in the sky.
Hoping for an adventure, Upon it
I prayed: Take me away to my dream,
A journey far away to places yet unseen by me.
Forever young I would explore
The ancient wilds of distant shores
Dancing upon the wind of time
I would fly up so very high.
When I awoke and looked about me
The magic trappings of imagination were lost.
Give me the kiss of immortal dreams
I thought. But there was no fairy dust left for me.
Years flew by. Youth fell fast
Finally I was all grown at last.
Still every now and then, I wish once more
Upon a single star as before..
Neverland is gone, you see
And with it the phantom whisper of childish dreams.
That time I find I still do miss
Wrapped up in memories of twilight’s magic kiss.
            I used to dream of Neverland…
Until I found it within my heart.

Sway with me – 2005

Sway with me – 2005

Sway with me. Watch and see.
A puppet without strings.
Feel the trance. Take this chance.
Revel in these things.
You, here in this darkness, my soul desires
Fall into me, find the spark, all that it inspires
Each breath, your voice in the air, your song rises
Continue, I pray, lest hope within us dies
Sway with me. In darkness see
The blinding light of love.
Come and hear that soft whisper
Of promise on the wings of a dove.
Texture drapes, notes fall in, escalation builds.
Follow me, your soul is free, to this you must yield.
The art within, imagination pure, ignites a single match.
Burn for me, a deep blue flame, and wait for it to catch.
Sway with me, grace and free
Let the ebb tide flow.
Come along, feel our song
Dance with the one you know.