Crown Praise Poem for Sadb

Crown Praise Poem for Sadb

Coming close hand in hand
I entreat all who are near
                Does Sadb approach smiling:
Be warmed by her smile
Within it is a love and joy
                That can sooth the sea on a stormy day.

As the days go, you will find many things
Given forth by the fierce and courageous Sadb
                Not just cheese, no
But also, wisdom, great interest in her people
Crafts of all kinds, whether food, cloth or knowledge
                All, a bounty from which others can learn.

Here, though, she brings a hint of mischief,
Encouraged and emboldened by friendship
                Witness it, and watch:
See the mirth bloom and join
That of others around her
                Casting fun in her wake.

And beside her, standing proud
Hand folding over her own
                A stalwart champion:
Her heart and love shine through him
As his eyes look upon her and smile
                Criomhthann, embracing her with love.

So, thus before you stands Sadb,
Baroness, sister, and dear friend,
                Presented with humble love
To stand ready and serve the Kingdom
Joyfully, willingly, and companionably
                with her love by her side.

Style: 11th Century Ancient Irish Poetry

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