Essays and Other Musings

Essays and Other Musings

Periodically, I find it too hard to resist to write about things I see, thoughts I have had or experiences I have been through. Here you can find a collection of these “essays”. Many of them eventually spawn a poem, more started out in my head as poetry and morphed into much longer prose. I hope that you can find a glimpse into the mind of a poet and writer as she navigates a very complicated world.

On Writing and Poetry and other musings

Being an Editor, too. (these are found at my Editing Blog, An Editor’s Journey)
Finding your nicheā€¦
Education vs. Experience: Knowing the Balance
Editing/Author Partnership

Society and Culture (coming soon)
Ideal or Real
“The Bible is Truth”
Independence (

A Lifetime of Living (and learning), so far… (coming soon)
Mother’s Day
In Remembrance of a Youthful Love
Something Blue
Buddhism and Virginia Tech