Essays and Other Musings

Essays and Other Musings

Periodically, I find it too hard to resist to write about things I see, thoughts I have had or experiences I have been through. Here you can find a collection of these “essays”. Many of them eventually spawn a poem, more started out in my head as poetry and morphed into much longer prose. I hope that you can find a glimpse into the mind of a poet and writer as she navigates a very complicated world.

On Writing and Poetry
Self-Discipline and being Creative On Demand
Why Poetry?
On Writing Poetry…

Being an Editor, too. (these are found at my Editing Blog, An Editor’s Journey)
Finding your niche…
Education vs. Experience: Knowing the Balance
Editing/Author Partnership

Society and Culture (coming soon)
Ideal or Real
“The Bible is Truth”
Independence (

A Lifetime of Living (and learning), so far… (coming soon)
Mother’s Day
In Remembrance of a Youthful Love
Something Blue
Buddhism and Virginia Tech