Poem – Nine years

Poem – Nine years

Nine years.

Nine years ago, you came into our lives,
Only a tiny squawk (it was cold),
And there you were, tongue sticking out, and
Already a hand on my face.

Nine years of wonder, amusement, and even
Yes, some frustration on both our parts.
Crawling, walking, running (mostly running)
To talking and immediately you began negotiating…
Oh, how much alike we are– How wonderful is that?

Nine years of teaching each other about the world,
Exploring it from new perspectives.
With each inch of that change, you grew until
Today, you amaze me.

Still, I can not seem to understand how time has
Come and gone, both fast and slow.
I revel in it, though.
I embrace the changes and watch you grow each day.
You have come so far, and onward you strive ahead.

Go forth into your next year, my sweet boy.
.With all the wonder and curiosity of the last nine.
Challenge yourself and the world at large to
Be the best you can be, learn everything you are able
And to love, as you always have, with your entire being.

Nine of the best years, my little love, and counting…

Galen. S. Skye
14 December 2022
for MJS

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