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I Am in Awe

I Am in Awe

Words reached out to me, caressed my soul
With the eloquent fingers of deep thought.
Would that I could put forth my own words
Phrases that could give admiration
For a talent possessed.

My heart is touched and I find myself
At a loss, for words are inadequate.

Lest I speak and say something inadequate,
I find myself turning to you, a twinkle in my eye
Giving light to something deeper and as intimate
As souls bound together by fate and promise.

My hands glide up to your face,
Every line already known to me,
The feel as welcome as a whispered
Word of love, for within each touch
I speak my heart and my own.

Your words bring me to my knees.
Within them, I find hope,
Faith, and the most inspiring truth of love.