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The Playground (Draft)

The Playground (Draft)

It’s a strange terrible world
Where the kids on the playground
Warn each other to be wary,
To hesitate
To not talk to you while your child is playing.

These children, still in single digits
Should not be so afraid of people on the playground
Should not worry so much
Or hesitate.

Our children should not need to be wary because my skin is a different color,
Because my hair is wrapped in a turban
Because you just can’t trust anyone anymore.

We’ve created a world where the instincts if children
Have been rendered inadequate
Have been considered less than necessary
Have been set aside because you might be wrong.

You might make a mistake.

I dread the day when my child
Learns that he has to be more careful
That he is privileged because his more colorful heritage is masked
By the Nordic looks he inherited from his father.

That, because we have raised him to be
Compassionate and Kind
Fair and Just
Above all else, based on who someone is…
I fear that he will find a day when
He has to defend that which he accepts unconditionally.



Honor above all


And yet, I see hope as he plays with others, bright charming smile
And the kids play with him.
And maybe, this world of hesitation and fear can heal.

Maybe, it all really does start on the Playground

6th March, 2019

Reflections on the week.

Reflections on the week.

In the face of extreme disappointment it is easy to give up, disown, turn away. In the wake of our nations turmoil, many of us are disillusioned, horrified, scared for our people, loved ones, even strangers on the street. Understand, though, that if you give up, “they” win. If you renounce your Americanism, then the only visible Americans are the people who you are ashamed of.
To be a true American is to have the courage to strive to rise above adversity and show the world what we SHOULD be. You have to fight every day to make this country what it needs to be. Being a citizen of the United States of America is a job and a hard one at that. It takes an intense passion, incredible amounts of hope and the faith that as we move forward and evolve we WILL see change. There will be true equality. There will be true freedom of religion. Freedom to choose who we want to be and all that it can entail, who we love, who are to the very core of our being.

Many mourn, many of us grieve.
So do mourn.
Do grieve.
Do not give up.
Show the world and our country what America SHOULD be.
Embrace friendship with the unique variety of people in the human race.
Reject fear-mongering.
Accept difference.
Be Kind.
Be Brave.