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Poem- Wish I Could Say (Draft, 2018)

Poem- Wish I Could Say (Draft, 2018)

I wish i could say
That it will all be okay,
And that the worry and fear
Won’t consume you.
So many years of the ups and downs;
Of trying to handle it all.
Just remember that this time
You are not alone
Oh my love, my heart and joy,
Would that I could
Wish all of these worries away,
And be a balm on your tired soul.
Instead just know, I am here, my love
And here I shall be
Whenever there is the need;
For oh how I love you so.
G. Skye, 2018 – Draft

Wish I Could Say - Poem by Galen S. Skye
Poem – Scent is a funny thing…

Poem – Scent is a funny thing…

Scent is a funny thing to me.
It rules my memories
With an iron fist of
Haunting recollections.
The incense burning on my alter
Comforts and protects,
Reminding me of days spent
In the shelter of friendship.
Ancient flavors and smells,
Their temptation soothes and
Wraps around me
Like arms around a well loved Child.
Hookah’s and twirling scarves
Delicate fabric falling from the hands of
Exotic dancers; imagery from a world
Extinct save for in our imaginations.
Scent is a funny thing to me…
It makes memories so much more
Potent and poignant with
The constant reminders.
Both past and present,
As they weave an intricate
Yet invisible blanket around me
Relax me and tuck me in.
GS 2002

Poem - Scent is a funny thing - by Galen Skye
Carry the Pack – (2003)

Carry the Pack – (2003)

Sometimes the burdens of life seem
A weight on our shoulders;
Like a pack heavy and cumbersome,
It tugs on our very soul.
Hopes bleed into desires,
Unfulfilled wishes and dreams
Out of reach and unattainable.
Sickening fear settles low.
Trembling hands hover as if to
Reach out for that one thing
Just out of grasp. And you wonder…
Where is the hope that will guide you,
Whose desire will inspire you,
When will dreams be realized,
How will wishes materialize?
Rest a while, and just let it be–
Take comfort in what you read.
Sometimes letting go can be
Just the simple hope you need.
Let me carry the pack a while,
Bear the burden, carry the weight.
Relax, rest your shoulders,
Pull the warm mantle of
Friendship around you.
Believe in yourself.
I do..
Friendship is what gets us through.
For now
I’ll carry the pack for you.
For the  (Big) Sister of My Heart