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Silence surrounds
As her soul weeps in fear.
Lost to despair as she stares at the ground;
Fresh earth entombing one she held dear.
As twilight fades and darkness comes
The nighttime symphony softly sings
And solitude enshrouds her– her heartbeat thrums.
Such a forsaken figure pondering the end of hope death brings.
So Quiet.
So Distant.
Forever seems such a very long time
To be

Poem - Alone - by Galen Skye
Whispers in Twilight (1998)

Whispers in Twilight (1998)

The iridescent hues blur the world
As the sun sets in the west.
A lazy sense of finality settles
Like a mantle of time upon my shoulders.

Turning the corner visions assault me.
A bird chirps from a nearby tree.
I look around expecting you to be
Near enough– I could reach out and touch you if I tried.

Shaking ghosts from my mind I walk on down
The stairs to my comfortable home
Knowing I’ll be greeted by the wagging tail
Of my only child.

The comfort of having something there
Is never lost on me, though,
So I smile, pet the wriggling pup
Hang up my coat, and greet the cat.

I pause.

There you are again.
The comforting scent of familiarity
Wrapping me in the memories of
Love and friendship.

I must be loosing my mind.

Muttering to my pets, I drop my keys and open my
One piece of mail, only to toss it aside in disgust
Turning my back on the offending junk as it
Floats down onto the growing pile by the trashcan.

Unconsciously, I glide over to the stereo and soon
Music fills the room.
Looking down suddenly as yet another memory
Flashes though my mind and I chuckle at my find.

A bottle overturned— The pungent scent that had been
Taunting me since my return home–
Slowly dripping down the dark wood
And onto the carpet.

Avoiding the memories both
Joyful and poignant: the loss of you still fresh,
I quickly clean up the mess
And push aside the slight twinge of disappointment.

I knew you weren’t really here
And the ghosts were merely figments,
Yet, the possibility lifted
The stress and exhaustion for just a while.

Memories are a comfort.

And while I turn back and
Wander into my bedroom,
I failed to see a small
Gift left for me…

The white rose stands in the corner
Quiet and regal, wild in it’s mystery,
Bowed slightly in acknowledgment
That anything… can happen…

Poetry Flashback -I can’t watch you lose… (2004)

Poetry Flashback -I can’t watch you lose… (2004)

It stains your soul;
Slowly chips the walls away.
I don’t have the answers,
I can’t watch the price you will pay.

You’ll find so many times in life
That when we fight our inner light
The darkness warps the mind
Leaving us wanting more.

You’re tired, your soul feels weak.
Lash out at life. Push away the needs.
Watch it consume your hope,
See the faith just fade away.

Let it go.
You’ll only add to the pain.
Wounds fester until there is
Nothing left to gain

It bleeds through you.
Taints each time you choose.

I don’t have the answers,
But I can’t watch you lose.

Just let me go, let me sigh.
Don’t let me go alone!
You say, ‘please, have mercy,
Don’t leave me to die.’

I know… we should try
To bring this life to a further test.
Yet no longer can I pass by,
Just let me rest.

It passes through you.
Fades each time you choose.

I don’t have the answers,
But I just can’t watch you lose.

— Galen Skye