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Change is worth the work.

Change is worth the work.

Change is Organic, not instant.
It moves slowly, and not always in linear fashion.
Each step forward breaks through,
But sometimes, it slides back and Fear and Hopelessness
Grip us, undermine us and take away that which we have gained.

Oh how we desire to be able to change the world
In a heartbeat–
Pass laws, and have the rest of our country
Fall in line with the future.
We are Idealists, and sometimes with Idealism
Comes the crashing realism.
We are full of such hope that it overwhelms us.

Freedom is not easy, nor is it free, but
Hope is, hope can carry you through,
Faith can drive you, faith in friendships, in the
greater goodness of a people.

Courage can win against even the most insurmountable odds.
Do not fear courage, do not give into hatred…
Accept what you can not change RIGHT NOW, and
Be PASSIONATE about what you can change in the Future.
EMBRACE the opportunity to fight harder, be stronger, and more brave.

We are Change, and Change is never easy.
But oh, it is so very worth it.

–G S Skye, November 11th, 2016