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For me there is no sound

For me there is no sound

Galen is very excited to announce that this poem was published by Kaleidoscope Magazine in January of 2020. Kaleidoscope is an award-winning magazine that “…creatively focuses on the experiences of disability through literature and the fine arts”. Galen’s poem For me, there is no sound was published in Issue 80, Winterscapes.

For me, there is no sound.

Your tender voice bounces off
Vacant walls of crumbling plaster.
Silence is an empty canvas where
The paint of your voice never sticks.

Your eyes tell me
Things I really need to know.
The soul’s windows;
Reflections of life and love,
Despair and delight,
Weaving the threads of the world into
An intricate tapestry.

For me, there is a timbre to the words you speak.
Within the eloquence of your gaze,
The texture and color of your words
Are brought forth with hands and face
As great strokes upon the canvas of my life.

“Galen Skye, a writer and researcher, is hard of hearing and
spends a great deal of time trying to explain to others what
“hearing” is like to her. Since writing her first poem at age
seven, she continues to express her thoughts in few words,
believing style to be better than thousands of words. She sees
poetry not only as an art of words but also as a way to create
emotion with cadence and structure.”

Kaleidoscope Magazine, Issue 80, Winterscapes